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We are a group of mums of children with additional needs from across England who initially connected through social media as a support network. We quickly discovered that we had much more in common than lack of sleep and each had our own experiences, fighting for the right support for our children. We all have children in or approaching school age and although it was comforting to know we weren't alone in our difficulties securing a suitable education for our children, we were shocked to learn just how wide spread the issues are. 

Chelle Cox SEND Reform

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and two autistic boys, Bobby (6) and Mickey (3). Bobby attends an incredible school for children with significant learning disabilities and I am currently fighting my local authority for a place for Mickey. 


I'm a Kent mum of 2 autistic children. Finley is currently in a mainstream school and Poppy is in a SEN setting. I have seen the difference an EHCP can make which is why I fight for every child that has been neglected by the system

George SEND Reform

I'm a mum of 2 and stepmum of 2. My son Jonah is autistic, has severe learning difficulties and is non verbal. Jonah attends a specialist SEN school and I have seen first hand the difference this has made to him and us as a family an I passionately want every child to have an educational setting they can thrive in

Sarah SEND Reform

I live in Plymouth with my husband & 6 children & our daughter Lillian-Louvain who is 4 years old & is autistic. She attends an incredible mainstream preschool and is due to start a SEN school in Jan 24 for children with significant learning disabilities. I had to fight so hard for her EHCP and placement.

Kirsty SEND Reform

Our home in West Sussex is made up of myself and partner of 7 years and 3 of our 4 children. Our 3 year old Tommy as diagnosed Autistic with speech disorder in April 2023. He is currently completely non verbal and we plan to home school him

Rachel SEND Reform

I am a primary school teacher in mainstream education, living in Worcestershire. I am a single parent raising my autistic and globally delayed 4 year old daughter, I am currently awaiting the outcome of a panel meeting to decide which provision she will receive for Reception.

Hannah SEND Reform

I live in Milton Keynes with my husband David and 3 children Amelia (9) Teddy (3) and Autumn (2). Amelia and Teddy are both autistic. Amelia attends the most amazing specialist school after fighting our local authority for a place and I am about to go through the process again for Teddy. 

Kathryn SEND Reform

I'm a mum of 3 from West Yorkshire. My youngest two children, Myles (6) and Florrie (4), are both autistic with significant learning disabilities. Myles is also under assessment for ADHD and attends a SEN school. Florrie is due to start at the same school in September.


I live in Durham with my 3 children Frankie (9) Ava-mae (6) & Esme (5). Frankie is autistic and nonverbal. Frankie attends a SEN setting. We are currently fighting for Ava-maes autism and ADHD diagnosis due to her not meeting the criteria because of her high level of masking

Hannah law SEND Reform

I live in SW London with my partner and our two kids, Josef (11) and Ayda (7). Josef is autistic and has ADHD and we are currently fighting for a specialist secondary school. Even as a SEN solicitor, the whole process has been emotionally overwhelming

kirsti 2 -61 (1) (1) (1).jpg

I am a Brighton-based ADHD w/ autistic traits + dyscalculia mum to a beautiful autistic/ADHD/OCD 12-year-old. When Sonny started senior school in Sept 2022 I requested a 3-day week and for their school to start the EHCP process, both requests were denied. By Dec 2022 my child was unable to attend school at all. We currently aim for one full day of mainstream school per week

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