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Get Involved

We are always keen to work with like-minded people and organisations who share our passion for a more inclusive world for all disabled people. If you are interested in collaborating with S.E.N.D Reform England, please get in touch

For those wishing to support our cause, there are many ways you can do so...

SEND Reform petittion
Sign the petition for a SEND reform

Our petition gained 75,000 signatures in just five weeks thanks to support received from families and high profile celebrities. We handed it in to No.10 after the protest on the 21st June, but it isn't closed. Every signature counts and will demonstrate the huge number of people affected by the broken education system for children with SEND. 

social media
Follow us on Social Media

We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok Please follow us to be kept updated on everything we are doing. 

You will also find links in our Linkttree to Go-Fund-Me, Discord and helpful documents

Image by Fabian Blank
Donate to help keep us running

S.E.N.D Reform England is run by a group of volunteers. However, the campaign does incur some on-going administrative costs such as running the website & printing flyers etc. S.E.N.D Reform is an on-going campaign, we are planning further protests across the country in 2023, but this all costs money. If you can spare a few quid to help keep us running in our quest to change the SEND education system, please donate to our Go-Find-Me. Thank you!

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