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Why are we asking for SEND Reform?

S.E.N.D Reform is a campaign ran by parents of children with disabilities. We are asking for a reform of the education system so that every child with S.E.N.D has a school place suitable to their needs. 


SEND reform has brought thousands of families, charities, teachers, MPs and councilors together holding various rallies across England as well as petitions to the government calling for change. We have also inspired similar campaigns in Wales and Scotland



Our Objectives

  • More SEN schools for those with the highest of needs

  • More SEN provisions within mainstream settings

  • EHCP deadlines to be met and adhered to

  • Adequate S.E.N.D training for teaching staff

  • A dedicated minister for SEND

  • Improvement plans and safety valves to be revoked

  • Post 16 support to be protected

Why this needs to happen

Many S.E,N,D children are without the correct school setting, this leads to; -

  • School avoiders

  • Metal health problems

  • Mainstream schools unable to cope 

  • Mainstream pupils affected

  • Teachers land TAs are under significant pressure and are leaving the sector

  • Children excluded from education

  • Parents forced to home-school and leave work leading to additional pressure on families and finances

SEND reform believes they the SEN crisis is a breach of the discrimination act and will continue to run this campaign until these issues are resolved.

Final Note


The Government have issued an Improvement Plan following the Send Reform Green Paper. The common thread within the plan is to reduce the number of EHCPs, mainly by improving access to early interventions. Our response is that this will NOT alleviate the current SEND crisis. They see the problem as a ‘demand’ issue. In reality, many conditions, including Autism, Dyslexia and ADHD cannot be ‘fixed’ by interventions and will affect children and young people throughout the school years and beyond. Cutting access to support by reducing EHCPs will be catastrophic

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