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Help us ensure ALL children have access to an appropriate  education in a setting that can meet their needs. We believe all children should be given the opportunity to reach their full  potential

disabled child at school

S.E.N.D Reform England is a voluntary campaign group which was set up in May 2023 by a group of Mums who connected through TikTok. We started off as a support group but quickly discovered a shared  passion to fix the broken system of S.E.N.D education in England


There are many ways to support S.E.N.D Reform England and we appreciate every single person who stands beside us. Help us get your voices heard...

Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about our campaign, please get in touch with the team at S.E.N.D Reform England. We would like to collaborate with charities and show our support to other campaigns that support disabled people in England. We look forward to hearing from you. 

11th May 2023

We announce on social media the campaign and our plans to protest outside parliament on June 21st 2023. 

15th May 2023

Our petition is launched on Change.Org

6th June 2023

As a result of pressure from angry parents, Conservative councillor for Maidstone, Simon Webb resigns over comments made during a Kent County Council (KCC) SEND sub-scrutiny meeting where he described having an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) as “the in thing”.

21st June 2023

Houses of Parliament

Over 1000 people joined us at Parliament Square to protest about the dire situation of SEND Education in England. The event was a huge success with families travelling from across the county, all demanding the government look at the situation. The day concluded with a trip to Downing Street to deliver our petition. 

23rd August 2023

Good Morning Britton_edited.jpg

Hannah appeared on Good Morning Britton to discuss the announcement by the Conservatives, of 7 new SEN schools opening in England

12th September 2023


Chelle and Lisa represent S.E.N.D Reform England at the APPG for Autism in Westminster with The National Autistic Society

September / October 2023

unnamed (13).jpg

After the success of London, S.E.N.D Reform England arranged a further 13 protests across England in the autumn of 2023. The objective of these local protests was to raise awareness of our campaign and give families across the country a chance to show their support.



The secret is out!

The founders of S.E.N.D Reform England , plus 6 additional Mums have joined forces to share their stories of S.E.N.D motherhood in a book.  

A Journey Into SEND Motherhood - Finding The End Of The Rainbow

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